I am a PhD student in Computer Science at University of Toronto, co-advised by Alec Jacobson and Andrea Tagliasacchi. I am currently focused on improving robustness in Radiance Fields and enabling them to work seamlessly with adapted 3D processing tools. More broadly, I am interested in 3D Computer Vision, Graphics and Robot Perception. Recently, I have joined Google DeepMind as an intern working with Mark Matthews and Dmitry Lagun.

Previously, I completed my B.Sc. in Sharif University of Technology. I was fortunate to have two wonderful internships at IFL lab working with Nassir Navab, and at RCL lab working with Purang Abolmaesumi.

I'm currently holding a 3D Vision reading group at UofT and welcome anyone interested to join in! Feel free to get in touch if you'd like to be part of our discussions and exploration. Find details about the reading group here.


Bayes’ Rays: Uncertainty Quantification for Neural Radiance Fields

Lily Goli, Cody Reading, Silvia Sellán, Alec Jacobson, Andrea Tagliasacchi

CVPR 2024 (Highlight ~ top 10%)

BANF: Band-limited Neural Fields for Levels of Detail Reconstruction

Ahan Shabanov, Shrisudhan Govindarajan, Cody Reading, Lily Goli, Daniel Rebain, Kwang Moo Yi, Andrea Tagliasacchi

CVPR 2024

nerf2nerf: Pairwise Registration of Neural Radiance Fields

Lily Goli, Daniel Rebain, Sara Sabour, Animesh Garg, Andrea Tagliasacchi

ICRA 2023, CVPR workshop (XRNeRF) 2023, Computer Vision News cover (March 2023)

Longitudinal Quantitative Assessment of COVID-19 Infection Pro- gression from Chest CTs

Seong Tae Kim*, Lily Goli*, Magdalini Paschali, Ashkan Khakzar, Matthias Keicher, Tobias Czempiel, Egon Burian, Rickmer Braren, Nassir Navab, Thomas Wendler


Generating Unrestricted Misclassified Examples via Three Parameters

Hanieh Naderi, Lily Goli, Shohreh Kasaei

Multimedia Tools and Applications 2021

Scale Equivariant CNNs with Scale Steerable Filters

Hanieh Naderi, Lily Goli, Shohreh Kasaei

Machine Vision and Image Processing (MVIP) 2020